Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS)

一般社団法人 日本整形内科学研究会

Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS)

Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS) is general incorporated association in Japan and organized by physicians, dentists, physical therapists and various medical staff, which aims to develop diagnosis and treatment, academia, education and research for musculoskeletal pain and intractable pain related to fascia.

Our society description 

  1. To develop treatment, academic, education and research for musculoskeletal pain and intractable pain related to Fascia
  2. To develop basic and clinical research to establish non-surgical orthopedics study.
  3. To research and develop pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and so on for treatments
  4. To establish educational system for medical professionals and to enhance multi-professional collaboration for non-surgical orthopedics study and
  5. To organize academic meetings, lectures, Seminars and so on.
  6. To organize training programs.
  7. To cooperate with related societies on research activities.
  8. To issue academic magazines.
  9. Public relations
  10. To investigate, research and suggest for social security system.
  11. To cooperate with national and local governments.


Current principal research themes 

  • Scope of non-surgical orthopedics.
  • Anatomy of fascia.
  • Pathophysiology of fascia.
  • Animal model of fascia.
  • Ultrasound-guided fascia release. (injection[hydrorelease], dry needling/acupuncture, physical therapy, manipulation, less invasive surgery and so on)
  • Clinical techniques for diagnosis and treatments, such as local treatment, exercise/sport, life guidance/support of activity of daily living, and self-care methods.
  • Multi-professional collaboration system.
  • Telemedicine such as remote education system (doctor to doctor, DtoD).
  • Development of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.


Society profile

NameJapanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS)
Type of organizationGeneral incorporated association
Registered date3rd April, 2018 (Establishment date: Feb, 2008)
Office Address3-379-1 Nishikatakai Maebashi-city, Gunma-pref, Japan 371-0013
OfficersRepresentative Director (President)Hiroaki Kimura (President, Kimura pain clinic)
Director (Vice president, Head of region managements)Yoshihiko Shiraishi  (President, Okidozen hospital)
Director (Vice president, Head of public relations)Takashi Horaguchi (Associate professor, Orthopedics, Nihon university)
Director (Vice president, Head of operations and control)Yoshihiro Zenita (President, Zenita corporation)
Director (Head of academic)Tadashi Kobayashi (Lecturer [medical], Department of General Medicine, Hirosaki University School of Medicine & Hospital), Intellectual Property Analyst certified by Association of Intellectual Property Education (Japan)
Director (Head of member management)Yohei Tanikake (Vice president, Tanikake orthopedics clinic)
DirectorHidetaka Imagita (Professor, Health science, Kio university))
DirectorHideaki Obata  (Professor, Department of Anestheciology, Saitama Medical center, Saitama Medical University)
DirectorAyato Kurosawa (President, Trigger Point Chiryoin)
DirectorTakayuki Tsujimura (President, Physio / Paint treatment center, Shiga university)
DirectorTatsuo Nagano (President, Nagano orthopedics clinic)
DirectorHirofumi Namiki (Head of Tokachi-Ikeda Community Medical Center, Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine)
DirectorMakoto Mine (President, Mine accupuncture)
DirectorShun Yamazaki (President, Inclusive Care)
DirectorShinichi Yoshida (President, Yoshida orthopedics clinic)
DirectorRyoji Yoshimura (President, Bright accupuncture)
InspectorShigeki Suzuki (Kimura pain clinic)


Regional Head 

Hokkaido, Tohoku Hirofumi Namiki (Head of Tokachi-Ikeda Community Medical Center, Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine)
Kanto, KoshinetsuTakashi Horaguchi (Associate professor, Orthopedics, Nihon university)
Tokai, HokurikuShinichi Yoshida (President, Yoshida orthopedics clinic)
KansaiTatsuo Nagano (President, Nagano orthopedics clinic)
Chugoku, ShikokuYoshihiko Shiraishi  (President, Okidozen hospital)Director (Vice president, Head of public relations) 
Kyusyu, OkinawaYoshihiro Zenita (President , Zenita corporation)


February, 2008Establishment of Japanese society for the study of Myofascial Pain Syndrome (JMPS) that is organized by seven doctors and dentists.
June, 2012Expanded requirements for membership to all of medical professional license to enhance multi-professional collaboration.
December, 2017Number of members became more than 1,200 people.
April, 2018Establishment of Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS) as general incorporated association.

Overseas partnership

We are accepting organizations who has similar activities to us to exchange information, cooperation for research and so on.

Please contact us via contact form.

Overseas membership

We recruiting oversea member addition to domestic member. Please refer this page for details.

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