Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS)

一般社団法人 日本整形内科学研究会

[REPORT] The 1st JNOS Expert Seminar - Information

Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS) held “The 1st Expert Seminar” on 15th and 16th Feb 2020 at Maebashi Gunma-pref., Japan.

The participants for this seminar were selected from only 10 clinicians who participated in our previous advanced-seminars, and this seminar got full occupation within just 2 days.

Also, this seminar contents to cover a whole body within 2 days were determined by voices from JNOS members.

Firstly Dr. Hiroaki Kimura (Representative Director) and Dr. Tadashi Kobayashi (Director, Head of academic department) made demonstrations for consultations and lectures for treatment techniques. then ultrasound hands-on lectures was performed efficiently by small groups which consist of 1 staff, 2 participants and 1 ultrasound (SONIMAGE HS1. KONICAMINOLTA, INC.).

We strongly appreciates all of the presenters and participants.

Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS) continues to hold informative events such as lectures, seminars and so on.