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[REPORT] The 3rd KANSAI Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Festival - Information

Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS) held The 3rd KANSAI Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Festival 9th Nov 2020 at Osaka, Japan.

There were many presentations, lectures, and discussions about the main theme, “Clinical collaboration of multi professionals for non-surgical orthopedics: fascia, ultrasound, clinical practice from each standpoint” with over 100 participants.

The following sessions were held in the morning session. 

  1. Prof. Hidetaka Imagita (Professor Kio-university / director JNOS / physical therapist) made the educational presentation, “Basic science and clinical practice of Fascia”. He explained “Fascia pain syndrome” clearly from anatomical physiological point of view.
  2. Dr. Takeshi Endo (Unnan hospital, Shimane, Japan/ general physician) made Keynote Lecture, “Learning methods of non-surgical orthopedics: from the standpoint of a general physician”. He explained detailed methods for beginners to learn musculoskeletal disorders by referring questionnaires from JNOS members.
  3. Prof. Tatsuo Nakamoto(Professor, Kansai medical university/Anesthesiologist/pain physician)made Special Lecture, “Effectiveness of ultrasound as communication tools among medical personals and patients, in addition to multi-professional personals”. He explained many meaningful stories such as planning to establish “Pain center” which is one of the final targets of our main theme. All of the presentations were very meaningful for orthopaedists to learn something humbly from other departments. 
  4. Finally, the symposium, “Differences of clinical practice of non-surgical orthopedics dependent on each standpoint” by above presenters and Dr. Yohei Tanigake(Tanikake clinic/ director JNOS/ orthopedic surgeon) was held with lively discussions involving participants.

In the afternoon, a hands-on seminar with 39 participants was held. There were two separate courses.

  1. Beginner Course: 1) The basic handling of the ultrasound probe,  2) Shoulder: basic structures, 3) Foot&ankle: basic structures
  2. Regular Course: 1) The antebrachial muscle, nerve and blood vessel, 2) Shoulder and spine: basic structures, 3) Knee and foot&ankle: muscle, nerve and blood vessel.

Both courses were very excited.

We appreciate all of the presenters and participants.

Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS) continues to hold informative events such as lectures, seminars and so on.

Tatsuo Nagano, Head of Kansai area.