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[REPORT] 2nd JNOS Academic Conference 2019 (30 Nov – 1 Dec, 2019) - Information

Japanese Non-surgical Orthopedics Society (JNOS) held the “Academic Conference 2019” 30th Nov to 1st Dec 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

This is the second annually academic conference after the corporation of JNOS,
and the main theme was set to “Multi-professional collaboration and non-surgical orthopedics: toward the collaboration of local treatment and support of ADL and its motion“. (Program)

There were three presentations about the environment surrounding non-surgical orthopedics.

30th November, 2019 (1st Day)

[Conference Chairman Presentation]

Title: Multi-professional collaboration and non-surgical orthopedics: toward the collaboration of local treatment and support of ADL and its motion

Presentator: Hirofumi Namiki, M.D. (Director, JNOS/Head of Hokkaido-Tohoku area, JNOS/ Head of the Center, Tokachi-Ikeda Community Medical Center)

[President Presentation]

Title: Recent topic: evaluation and treatment with “angiosome”, hydrorelease for interfascicular epineurium and Thumb Pain Syndrome

Presentator: Hiroaki Kimura, M.D. (President, JNOS / President, Kimura pain clinic)

[Educational Presentation]

Title: Introduction of fascia: the classification criteria of fascial pain syndrome(FPS) and difference of Hydrorelease and Hydrodissection

Presentator: Tadashi Kobayashi, M.D., Ph.D. (Academic director, JNOS / Department of General Medicine, Hirosaki University School of Medicine & Hospital, Japan)


[Special Presentation]

Title: Amazing view of fascia for surgeons: proximity magnifying tissues with fine endoscopy

Presentator: Kiyotaka Kawashima M.D. Head of the department of urology, Tochigi Cancer Center in Japan. 

He showed a very interesting and amazing presentation to show detailed images for fascia and to introduce new views of fascia and its related anatomy by a surgeon.



1st December, 2019 (2nd Day)

JNOS Activity Reports

The first session of the second day was activity reports by each organization of JNOS.


Open call presentations

There were five open call presentations.

As a result of the strict evaluation by JNOS board members, the below presentation was selected for the grand prize.
[The normal structure and its pathological change of fascia in pelves: Dawn of endoscopic anatomy] by Satoshi Tanimura M.D. Obstetrics and gynecology, Toyama prefectural central hospital

[Title] Case report: The buttock pain caused by anatomycal subtype of sciatic nerve and confirmation with ultrasonography
[Authors] Yusuke Sakasegawa 1)2), Hirokazu Ukawa1)2), Yoshihiro Zenita1)2).
[Affiliation] 1) Zenita treatiment office, Zenita Corporation 2) Eto Rheumatism and Orthopedics.

[Title] Case report: Two-year-sustaing dizziness improved by ultrasound-guided dry needling and physical therapy
[Authors] Koichi Sato 1), Hirokazu Ukawa 1)2), Yoshihiro Zenita 1)2)
[Affiliation] 1) Zenita treatiment office, Zenita Corporation 2) Eto Rheumatism and Orthopedics.

[Title] Case report: Right-upper limb pain improved by ultrasound-guided fascia hydrorelease after the evaluation with “angiosome”
[Authers] Ryoya Asaka, Hiroaki Kimura
[Affiliation] Kimura Pain Clinic

[Title] Case report: Right triangular fibrocartilage complex injuries treated by ultrasound-guided dry needling and and massage
[Authors] Satoshi Funabashi, Yoshihiro Zenita
[Affiliation] Zenita treatiment office, Zenita Corporation

[5] [The grand prize]
[Title] The normal structure and its pathlogical change of fascia in pelves: Dawn of endoscopic anatomy
[Authors] Satoshi Tanimura, Kenta Sonehara
[Affiliation]Obstetrics and gynecology, Toyama prefectural central hospital

Designated presentations 

Next was five presentations by teams with JNOS research grant program 2019

[Title] Effect of Hydrorelease by the scar adhesion rat model and development of a new rat model for enhanced fascia stratification
[Authors]Taiko Sukezane 1), Hidetaka Imagita 1), Takuya Mori 2), Nobuo Kmajiri 1) , Shouta Nukaga 2)
[Affiliation] 1) Graduate School of Health Science, Kio University 2)Nara Medical University School of Medicine

[Title] Development of continuous shear wave elastography for visualization of fascia hydrorelease
[Authors] Yoshiki Yamakoshi 1) , Hiroaki Kimura 2)
[Affiliation] 1) Graduate School of Science and Technology, Gunma university 2) Kimura Pain Clinic.

[Title] Comprehensive Morphological Hybrid-Analysis of the ‘Fascia’
[Authors] Takamitsu Arakawa 1), Yoshihiro Zenita 2), Yohei Tanikake 3)
[Affiliation] 1)Kobe university Graduate School of Health Sciences 2) Zenita corporation, 3)Tanikake orthopedics.

[Title] Gross anatomical and histological examination of structure of fascia, verification of spread of drug solution by Ultrasound-guided Hydrorelease for abnormal fascia
[Authors] Ayato Kurosawa 1)2), Hiroaki Kimura 1)2), Yoshihiro Zenita 2)4), Chieko Zenita 2)4), Takashi Horaguchi 5), Tadashi Kobayashi 2)6)
[Affiliation] 1) Trigger Point Chiryo-in 2) Division of Anatomical Science, Department of Functional Morphology, Nihon university 3) Kimra Pain Clinic 4) Zenita treatiment office 5) Orthopedics , Nihon university, General practice, Hirosaki university hospital

[Title] Effectiveness of ultrasound-guided fascia hydrorelease on metatarsalgia without sonographic evidence of inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
[Authors] Masei Suda 1)2), Kiyoharu Muranaka, Masahiro Minoda
[Affiliation] 1) Department of General Medicine, Suwa Central Hospital 2) Department of Rheumatology, Suwa Central Hospital

Awards ceremony: JNOS research grant program 2019

Awards ceremony for the JNOS research grant program 2019 was performed.


This academic conference was a very effective opportunity for the consideration of JNOS’s future direction by many kinds of presentations, sharing information, discussion and so on.

JNOS will contribute non-surgical orthopedics and Fascia study by the development of treatment, academy, education, and research for musculoskeletal pain and intractable pain related to Fascia. 

Especially JNOS would like to thank you all of the supporters such as the below:

MSK medical support co. ltd.
TOYO RESIN Corporation
Canon Medical Systems Corporation
Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd
Seirin Corporation.

Next academic conference, 3rd JNOS Academic Conference (2020) will be hold 28th-29th November 2020 in Tokyo.

Chiarman, Takashi Horaguchi, MD, PhD, Vice President JNOS